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Rewards and Promotions

Rewards, Promotions, Offers and Much More at your fingertips. Businesses can now let customers find their offers easily and quickly.


Meet at Nearby Places

Plan a meeting with your friends & family at a given business location or any other place nearby. Chat and share with all guests.



Swap pictures and videos with your friends and family. Let them see it as long as you want. No preset timers. Un-share them when you want to and un-share with everybody or only some viewers.

Find Local Offers and Collect Rewards.
Shop the best deals.

Search nearby businesses for promotional offers. And it gets even better when you collect rewards for shopping with them. Visit them again to redeem your rewards.
After all, good things in life are free!

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Built-in Event Planner.
Meeting with friends is always fun.

Want to meet a friend or your buddies for a coffee. How about a family dinner or shopping together! Now you can plan to meet at nearby places easily and may be get rewarded for that too!

Or use our other App, Fervur to find people with similar interestsDownload Fervur

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Discover Businesses in Your Area.
Interact with them and others.

Businesses can keep their customers updated with latest offers and rewards. It's all about connections and sharing. Pingaze provides an engaging platform for businesses and customers alike.

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